Claudia's Letter is a dramatic recording by Marjorie of an authentic letter from the wife of Pontius Pilate, written while in exile after the crucifixion.  Over the years Marjorie has performed this reading live in churches in Southern California, and due to its popularity, it was released as albums, 4-track stereo tape (7" reel), and cassettes. is pleased to be able to offer exclusively to our visitors as a CD.  To place your order for an autographed copy, please visit the Shop page.

About The Recording:

    Claudia's Letter is a document of major historical significance, which had lain for centuries among other archives in the monastery at Bruges.  In the late nineteen twenties Catherine van Dyke had rewritten the legendary account of Claudia's Letter into the English language.  Acclaimed by theologians and historians alike, it has now been reproduced on LP and cassette to reveal a compelling drama of its time, exquisitely set down by the woman who loved and understood the infamous Consul of Judea.
When you own this cassette, you will be privileged to witness - through Claudia's eyes - each of the little known and unforgettable events that preceded, accompanied, and followed the crucifixion of Christ.  You will feel - to the very depths of your own being - the monumental compassion of Claudia for her husband, her son Pilo and for Jesus.  You will know the awesome proportions of fear, ambition, uncertainty, and political pressure that influenced Pilate's fateful decision.
You will stand beside Claudia through the trials and loneliness of her early marriage, her awareness of Jesus, her entreaties to Pontius, the Verdict, and the final degradation and humiliation which befell them both.
Rarely does the opportunity arise for one to possess such an inspired recording. Marjorie Lord's sensitive enactment of Claudia's Letter is accompanied by full orchestra and choir, with original music composed to enhance even further the profound beauty of the manuscript.  To call the album a "collectors item" would be scarcely to touch the surface of description.  It is an achievement ... an event ... an exhilarating experience.  "A golden thread in the vast tapestry of literature, art and music."

Marjorie recording "Claudia's Letter" with Earle Hagen

”Claudia's Letter” was a unique spoken-word album with a religious theme, based on a letter from the wife of Pontius Pilate to a friend telling her about how Jesus Christ cured her lame son and what terrible consequences happened in their lives after Christ was put to death.  Earle Hagen composed the music and conducted the orchestra with good friend Marjorie Lord reading the Letter.  It is a most imaginative musical composition, and a work Earle Hagen is particularly proud of.


Claudia and Pontius
Claudia's Loneliness
The Plague
The Healings
Pilate's Indecision
Claudia's Dream
The Tribunal
Claudia's Plea
The Verdict


"... one of the most inspiring Christian messages I have ever heard.  It will bless the heart of every listener."
                                                 Dale Evans (Mrs. Roy Rogers)

"We were deeply moved ... the portrayal of Claudia by Marjorie Lord is a marvelous dramatic achievement."
                                                    Dr. Daniel A. Poling
                                                    Chairman and Editor, Christian Herald Magazine

" ... such a vivid account of the tragic events preceding the crucifixion of Jesus that it gives the feeling that you are there ... this recording deserves a place in the library of every thoughtful person."
                                                Gerald S. Bash, D.D.
                                                Minister, First Christian Church
                                                Santa Ana, California

To place your order for a CD of this dramatic reading, visit the Shop page.


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