Make Room for Daddy

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Make Room for Daddy followed the misadventures in the lives of the Williams family. Danny Williams, a nightclub entertainer, (a character almost identical to that of Danny Thomas himself) tries to strike a balance between family life and the entertainment business. In the beginning the family consisted of his wife, Margaret (played by Jean Hagen,) his 11-year-old daughter, Terry (played by Sherry Jackson) and his 6-year-old son, Rusty (played by Rusty Hamer.) In 1956, however, Jean Hagen quit the show and Danny Thomas decided to continue on without her. Her character was written out as having herself died and Danny was now a widower. The next season (1956-1957) featured Danny dating various other women with plenty of input from the kids. Finally he proposed to Kathy O'Hara, a young nurse (played by Marjorie). The 5th season opened with Danny and Kathy returning from their honeymoon. Also joining the cast was Linda (played by Angela Cartwright), Kathy's 5-year-old daughter by a previous marriage. In 1958, Sherry Jackson left the show and the character of Terry was temporarily written out of the show as being away at school. Terry returned, however, in 1959, this time played by actress Penny Parker. Terry spent the next season being courted by nightclub entertainer Pat Hannigan (played by Pat Harrington, Jr.,) whom she eventually married. Her character then left the show for good in 1960. There were also many other regulars, including Danny's Uncle Tonoose (played by Hans Conried), Danny's agents at various times (played by Horace McMahon, Jesse White and Sheldon Leonard), and night club owner (Sid Melton) and many more. The title "Make Room for Daddy" was only used during the first four seasons, then it was changed to "The Danny Thomas Show". When it entered syndication, however, all the episodes ran under the "Make Room for Daddy" title. In 1970, the Williamses returned for "Make Room for Granddaddy" which ran one season. In 1957, the show switched networks from ABC to CBS. After the switch, the show finally got the ratings it deserved. Also of note, this show spawned a classic hit series; the episode 'Danny Meets Andy Griffith' was the pilot for "The Andy Griffith Show". Also, such guests as Bill Dana and Joey Bishop got their own shows after appearances on "The Danny Thomas Show." Bill Dana reprised his role from "The Steve Allen Show", and NBC gave him his own show "The Bill Dana Show" in 1963. Joey Bishop got "The Joey Bishop Show", which aired on NBC, then CBS. It lasted from 1961 to 1965. The series continues to air in syndication around the world today.

ABC Broadcast History
Sept. 29, 1953 - June 26, 1956 aired on Tuesdays at 9:00-9:30PM
Oct. 1, 1956 - Feb. 4, 195 aired on Mondays at 8:00-8:30PM
Feb. 14, 1957 - July 1, 1957 aired on Thursdays at 9:00-9:30PM
CBS Broadcast History
Oct. 7, 1957 - Sept. 14, 1964 aired on Mondays at 9:00-9:30PM

1.01 - Uncle Daddy
First aired: Sept. 29, 1953 Writer: Melville Shavelson Director: William Asher Guest stars: Ben Lessy (Benny), Horace McMahon (Horace), Phil Arnold (The Tailor), Ann Doran (School Teacher), Frank Jenks (Frank, the Writer) Synopsis: Danny has been on the road now for a long while performing his nightclub act, and seems unprepared as he returns to his home. Once he arrives he discovers that Terry has agreed to have her daddy perform at her school's show, which is the same date in which he and Margaret are scheduled to go on a second honeymoon.

1.02 - Party Dress
First aired: Oct. 6, 1953 Director: William Asher Synopsis: Danny finds himself objecting to Terry's first dance, but is then reminded by Margaret about his own experiences when he was a child.

1.03 - Second Honeymoon
First aired: Oct. 13, 1953 Director: William Asher Synopsis: Danny plans a second honeymoon upon his return from a grueling three month long night club tour. But he finds himself jammed up with business calls leaving Margaret to save the day.

1.04 - Mother-In-Law
First aired: Oct. 20, 1953 Director: William Asher Synopsis: Danny gets a lesson in adult psychology from the kids after asking his mother-in-law to baby-sit the children once too often.

1.05 - Anniversary
First aired: Oct. 27, 1953 Director: William Asher Synopsis: Margaret is none too impressed when Danny gives her a kiss on the cheek as a peace offering after forgetting that today was their 12th wedding anniversary.

1.06 - Margaret, Non-Professional
First aired: Nov. 3, 1953 Director: William Asher Synopsis: Danny finds himself competing against Margaret after she begins on a show business career for herself.

1.07 - The Visiting Englishman
First aired: Nov. 10, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: An English musician friend of Danny's comes for a visit, but overstays his welcome by three weeks.

1 08 - The Sea Captain
First aired: Nov. 17, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: The Williams' children love to listen to the yarns of a retired old sea captain. But while listening, they forgot to get their father's birthday party ready.

1.09 - Thanksgiving Story
First aired: Nov. 24, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: While the Williams family is at home preparing for a Thanksgiving celebration, they are missing their father who is still in Boston for a benefit.

1. 10 - Last Dollar
First aired: Dec. 1, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Rusty claims he knows nothing about Danny's missing money which was lost somewhere inside their home.

1.11 - Margaret's Job
First aired: Dec. 8, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny feels that if Margaret works hard for just one day in the office of his career-minded college friends, that she would feel so tired that she would be happy to stay at home and just do housework.

1. 12 - Wonderland
First aired: Dec. 15, 1953 Writers: Alan Lipscott, Robert Fisher Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Spring Byington (Eloise Adams), Harvey Lembeck (Chips Collins), Dayton Lummis (Roger Grayson) Synopsis: Margaret is looking forward to spending a quiet weekend at home with Danny and the kids. But instead she discovers that an overage bobby-soxer has won a weekend at the home of her favorite entertainer, Danny Williams.

1.13 - Christmas
First aired: Dec. 22, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Tom Tully (Tom Kelly), Patti Moore (Patti) Synopsis: Danny discovers his children no longer believe in Santa Claus.

1.14 - Toledo
First aired: Dec. 29, 1953 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny says hello to his old friends when he makes a trip to his hometown of Toledo.

1. 15 - Margaret's Jealousy
First aired: Jan. 5, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Margaret becomes suspicious of Danny after they see a play about a long-married couple who's husband has a roving eye. Now after seeing a picture of him kissing a blonde Margaret fears he too may be led astray.

1.16 - Terry for President
First aired: Jan. 12, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny takes over Terry's campaign to become the class president for the sixth grade, and he learns a lesson in democracy along the way.

1.17 - True Blue Benny
First aired: Jan. 19, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: It's the 12th anniversary of the team of Danny Williams and Benny Lessy on the entertainment circuit.

1.18 - Rusty Runs Away
First aired: Jan. 26, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: An upset Rusty decides to run away from home.

1.19 - The Professor
First aired: Feb. 2, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny becomes jealous when a visiting college professor pays his attention to Margaret.

1.20 - Burlesque
First aired: Feb. 9, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Margaret makes reservations at a swanky club to get Danny away from the night club scene he works in nightly. But while there they meet with his old burlesque buddy.

1.21 - Black Eyes
First aired: Feb. 16, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny wants to find out why Rusty keeps having fights with his friends. Meanwhile, Danny is named Honorary President of Big Brothers of America.

1.22 - Margaret's Birthday
First aired: Feb. 23, 1954 Writers: Robert Fisher, Alan Lipscott Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Marianne Stewart (Grace), Shirley Mitchell (Helen), Jacqueline DeWit (Elvira), Ben Lessy (Benny), Harvey Lembeck (Chips Collins) Synopsis: It's Margaret's birthday, and this year she plans on hinting to Danny the present she would like to receive.

1.23 - The Matchmaker
First aired: March 2, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny and Margaret both miss their targets when they try to set up Danny's agent with a woman.

1.24 - Night Club
First aired: March 9, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Patti Moore (Patti), Wallace Ford (Unknown) Synopsis: Although Danny's doctor explains that he needs to relax, he decides to open up his own night club.

1.25 - Terry's Career
First aired: March 16, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Terry has won a chance of appearing on Broadway in a play, but Margaret feels she should remain at home and grow up with a normal life.

1.26 - School Festival
First aired: March 23, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Jan Clayton (Unknown) Synopsis: Danny is shocked by how much Rusty's teacher must go through daily and agrees to appear at the PTA festival. Meanwhile, Rusty receives a high mark in class and his classmates feel there is something going on.

1.27 - Rusty's Pal
First aired: March 30, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Tom Tully (Unknown) Synopsis: Rusty brings home a hobo with a philosophical outlook on life, believing that money and knowledge are worthless unless you spread each around, and hopes the Williams family will do so, too.

1.28 - Julia's Birthday
First aired: April 6, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Nana Bryant (Julia) Synopsis: Danny's mother-in-law fears that because of her age, won't be offered any more acting roles. So Danny tries helping her by finding a plumb role on a TV series.

1.29 - Pittsburgh
First aired: April 13, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Marie McDonald (Herself) Synopsis: Terry and Rusty overhears actress Marie McDonald and their dad rehearsing a love scene, which they mistake as the real thing.

1.30 - Danny's Vacation
First aired: April 20, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny has been looking forward to his vacation time, having so few. Imagine his surprise when Margaret decides she wants to spend their vacation at her Northwestern University class reunion.

2.01 - Family Trouble
First aired: Sept. 28, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny receives a helping hand by the family when they put on a ruse to rid him of his jitters about going back out as a night club entertainer.

2.02 - Tonsillectomy
First aired: Oct. 5, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny and Rusty each try to prove their bravery after they are diagnosed with tonsillitis, which will require an operation.

2.03 - Terry Takes Charge
First aired: Oct. 12, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: While Margaret is away on jury duty, Terry is left in charge of the house. But her job becomes a chore after Danny comes down with a sore back.

2.04 - Danny Has a Baby
First aired: Oct/ 10. 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Although it's been some time now since Danny and Margaret have had an infant to care for, Margaret wants to show the kids exactly how much their father knows about raising a baby. She brings home the baby of a neighbor so Danny can prove his knowledge of childcare.

2.05 - Military School
First aired: Oct. 26, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: When Rusty receives bad marks from school, Danny threatens to send him to military school.

2.06 - Danny Lands in Pictures
First aired: Nov. 2, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Chester Conklin (Keystone Cop #1), Hank Mann (Keystone Cop #2) Synopsis: An overly enthusiastic movie producer promises Danny a part in a film, as the Williams family packs up for Hollywood.

2.07 - Hollywood Trip
First aired: Nov. 9, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny's movie career is short-lived as the family arrives in Hollywood.

2.08 - Anniversary
First aired: Nov. 19, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny tries to explain to Margaret why he cannot be with her at home for their upcoming Anniversary celebration.

2.09 - Margaret's Aunt
First aired: Nov. 23, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Louise Lorimer (Margaret's Aunt), Nana Bryant (Mother) Synopsis: Margaret uses Danny as a go-between to get her mother and her aunt back on speaking terms.

2.10 - Terry's Boyfriend
First aired: Nov. 30, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: When Terry receives an invitation to attend a dance on her very first date, the Williams household is thrown into an uproar.

2.11 - Margaret Feels Neglected
First aired: Dec. 7, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: The family tries to boost Margaret's ego after discovering all the compliments Danny gets, and the role she plays in his shadow.

2.12 - Father of the Year
First aired: Dec. 14, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny's family refuses to pose with him on a magazine cover after he wins the "Father of the Year" contest, after complaining that he won under false pretenses.

2.13 - The Anna Maria Alberghetti Show
First aired: Dec. 21, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Anna Maria Alberghetti (Herself), Alan Reed (Uncle Angelo) Synopsis: Danny visits an Italian restaurant and is served by a pretty and talented waitress, who's father wants him to help get her into the entertainment industry.

2.14 - The New Year's Show First aired: Dec. 28, 1954 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny decides that this year he and Margaret will just stay at home on New Year's Eve and have a peaceful evening.

2.15 - Jesse's Romance
First aired: Jan. 4, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Irene Ryan (Unknown), Jesse White (Jesse) Synopsis: While playing matchmaker, the Williams' family makes a huge mistake when they try finding romance for Danny's agent, and a persistent comedienne.

2.16 - Terry Gets Her Own Room
First aired: Jan. 11, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny and Margaret work on finding a room of her own for Terry, now that she is grown up and demands privacy.

2.17 - Danny Goes on TV
First aired: Jan. 18, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: After Danny is picked to appear on a TV program which will air all over the country, the family dreams of being rich and famous.

2.19 - Terry's First Big Crush
First aired: Jan. 25, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Terry falls in love with a French actor friend of Danny, who is going to be staying in the Williams' house.

2.19 - The Children's Governess
First aired: Feb. 1, 1955 Writers: Mac Benoff, Henry Garson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Nana Bryant (Mrs. Summers), Norma Varden (Miss Quincey) Synopsis: The kids are unhappy when Danny and Margaret decide to hire a governess to care for the kids.

2.20 - Daddy's Biography
First aired: Feb. 8, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Hope Emerson (Terry's Teacher) Terry is working on an assignment for school in which she must write a biography about Danny, and uncovers a fact about his schooling.

2.21 - Danny Tries Real Estate
First aired: Feb. 15, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: George O'Hanlon (Unknown), Jack Kruschen (Unknown), Joan Banks (Unknown) Synopsis: Danny is starting to feel like a has-been in the entertainment field and decides to look into changing careers by going into real estate.

2.22 - Rusty Gets a Haircut
First aired: Feb. 22, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Rusty is called a sissy in school by a bully because of his curly hair. Danny wants to take him to a barber to finally get him a man's haircut. But No one in town will do the job due to Margaret's threats against cutting off her baby's curly locks. So Danny takes actions into his own hands

2.23 - Terry's Teen-Age Birthday
First aired: March 1, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Terry is invited by a male friend to a fashionable restaurant to celebrate her 13th birthday.

2.24 - Peter Pan
First aired: March 8, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Cecil Kellaway (Mr. Kirby) Synopsis: Danny seeks the help of a stagehand for the play Peter Pan to inform his kids on how the children from the performance really fly.

2.25 - The Piano Teacher
First aired: March 22, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Jay Novello (Unknown) Synopsis: Noticing that his kids have no musical talent, Danny sees no reason to waste money on giving piano lessons to Terry and Rusty.

2.26 - The Newspaperman Show
First aired: March 29, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Hans Conried (Bill Pearson) Synopsis: Danny asks his friend from the newspaper, Bill Pearson, to write an article about his family. But Bill has no idea on what a great story this would turn out to be.

2.27 - The Philosopher First aired: April 5, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny is asked by a philosophy professor to stand in front of his class for a lecture. But he has no idea what the Williams' family would be discovering from his speech.

2.28 - Father-Son Show
First aired: April 12, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Robert Foulk (Unknown), Phil Arnold (Unknown), Art Lewis (Unknown) Synopsis: Danny agrees that he needs to spend more time with Rusty, but refuses when he is asked to dress in a costume for a father and son program at his school.

2.29 - The Benefit Show
First aired: April 19, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Dave Barry (Unknown), Hy Averback (Unknown), Bob Hopkins (Unknown) Synopsis: Danny has a dream after refusing to appear in a benefit show for a destitute club owner, after finding out all his fellow performers are scheduled to appear.

2.30 - A Trip to Wisconsin
First aired: April 26, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Kathryn Card (Mrs. Finch), Will Wright (Will Finch) Synopsis: The Williams family take a trip to visit Margaret's hometown. Although the peace and serene is a blessing, Danny begins to long for the city-nightclub scene.

3.01 - Davy Crockett
First aired: Sept. 13, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Rusty and his friends have become obsessed with the movie Davy Crockett, so much that Danny is forced to sit through four airings of the film. Feeling a need to get into the spirit, Danny buys himself a Davy Crockett outfit to wear.

3.02 - Little League
First aired: Sept. 20, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Herb Vigran (baseball coach 3) Synopsis: Danny agrees to provide the lot for a sandlot baseball league as long as he can be a coach and that Rusty gets to be one of the players.

3.03 - Margaret Goes Home to Mother
First aired: Sept. 27, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Margaret feels shunned when Danny receives an invitation to play at the White House in front of the president, but she wasn't asked to attend the show.

3.04 - Love Thy Neighbor
First aired: Oct. 4, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Terry lends a hand as mediator when Danny and a new neighbor tangle because both work in the evenings.

3.05 - Rusty Gets a Job
First aired: Oct. 11, 1955 Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny is all for Rusty getting a job as a newspaper boy, but soon finds himself missing the free time he used to have with his son due to the hours it takes to complete his new vocation.

3.06 - Big Shot
First aired: Oct. 18, 1955 Synopsis: Danny feels he can get out of a traffic ticket because of his celebrity status, but finds himself deeper in trouble as he pushes the issue.

3.07 - Danny's Palladium Offer
First aired: Oct. 25, 1955 Synopsis: Danny's life-long dream has been to play the Palladium in London, and now his dreams have come true. Jesse has finally booked him for the once in a lifetime gig, but the family already have plans for that date.

3.08 - The London Palladium
First aired: Nov. 1, 1955 Synopsis: Danny and his family are off for London to play his dream show at the Palladium. This is also the first time the family has flown overseas, causing confusion with the seats, the luggage and the language.

3.09 - Sonnets from the Lebanese
First aired: Nov. 8, 1955 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: While in London, Danny has a dream that he is Robert Browning and that Margaret is Elizabeth Barrett.

3.10 - High Society
First aired: Nov. 15, 1955 Synopsis: Danny gets to rub elbows with England's elite and Royalty as he prepares for his show in the London Palladium.

3.11 - The Smugglers
First aired: Nov. 22, 1955 Synopsis: Danny and Margaret are unaware that the kids have stowed away a kitten inside one of their bags as they board an airplane back to the states.

3.12 - Danny's Old Girlfriend
First aired: Nov. 29, 1955 Synopsis: Three of Danny's old girlfriends have written him letters in which Margaret has intercepted. This makes Danny dream about what life would have been like if he had married each of them instead of Margaret

3.13 - Louise's Surprise Party
First aired: Dec. 6, 1955 Synopsis: Louise, the Williams' housekeeper misunderstands their intentions when they ask her to join them, unaware that they are celebrating her 10 years with them, and instead is under the impression that she is being let go.

3.14 - Mr. Williams Goes Legit
First aired: Dec. 13, 1955 Synopsis: Danny has been given a part in a legitimate stage show and believes he should model himself after someone. So he chooses ex-boxing champ Maxie Rosenbloom as his model, but Maxie believes he was hired to train Danny to become a boxer.

3.15 - Danny Strikes Oil
First aired: Dec. 20, 1955 Synopsis: Danny is offered an oil deal by a rich Texan admirer, but Margaret feels that this is a shaky prospect.

3.16 - Terry's Party
First aired: Dec. 27, 1955 Writer: Mac Benoff Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: B. G. Norman (Friend at the Party), Mary Jane Saunders (Friend at the Party), Aurelia Galli (Friend at the Party), Danny Richards, Jr. (Friend at the Party), Lee Erickson (Friend at the Party) Synopsis: Danny feels put out when Terry rejects his ideas he has suggested for the party that she wants to throw for her friends.

3.17 - The Songwriter
First aired: Jan. 17, 1956 Synopsis: Margaret would like to get an appointment to get her hair done, but the only way she can is if she can get Danny to look at one of her songs she wrote. Soon, Danny is named in a plagiarism lawsuit

3.18 - Star of the Family
First aired: Jan. 24, 1956 Synopsis: Margaret feels left out after realizing that each family member has won an award of some sort except for her.

3.19 - Margaret's Cousin
First aired: Jan/31/1956 Guest star: Hans Conried (Cousin Carl) Synopsis: Danny refuses to let Margaret's lazy cousin come for a stay. But soon he learns that cousin Carl has a talent that charms the children.

3.20 - Like Father, Like Son
First aired: Feb. 7, 1956 Synopsis: Both Danny and Rusty are worried about their upcoming work ahead for them in the next day. Danny has a new act opening at a night club, where Rusty has to recite the Gettysburg Address in front of his class.

3.21 - Wyatt Earp Visits the Williamses
First aired: Feb. 14, 1956 Guest star: Hugh O'Brian (Himself/Wyatt Earp) Synopsis: Actor Hugh O'Brien comes to the Williams home for dinner which thrills Terry, but upsets Rusty when he comes as himself and not in his Wyatt Earp costume.

3.22 - Who Can Figure Kids?
First aired: Feb. 21, 1956 Synopsis: Danny can't figure out why Terry would not want to appear in a school play. He asks the opinion of a former vaudeville performer and learns that his son would prefer a medical career to working on stage.

3.23 - Terry and the Sorority
First aired: Feb. 28, 1956 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Terry is excited after receiving a letter about joining the sorority at the school she will be attending in the fall. That is, until Danny's uncle arrives for a visit.

3.24 - Danny and Jesse Split
First aired: March 6, 1956 Synopsis: Danny becomes upset at Jesse when he announces he wants to add another client to his bookings. Danny believes Jesse should be concentrating on his career solely.

3.25 - Terry Has a Date
First aired: March 13, 1956 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Dean Martin (Himself) Synopsis: Danny plays the worried dad role when Terry is asked out on her first date...and with an "older man" of 16.

3.26 - Don't Yell at Your Children
First aired: March 20, 1956 Synopsis: Danny and Margaret want to set an example for their children and decide to stop yelling at them. But the kids learn that being naughty is no fun without being scolded afterward.

3.27 - Coats and Boats
First aired: March 27, 1956 Synopsis: Danny and Margaret have very different ideas of what his bonus check should be spent on. Margaret feels that the kids all need new coats, while Danny has his sights set on a boat.

3.28 - We're Going to Chicago
First aired: April 3, 1956 Synopsis: Danny announces that the family may be moving to Chicago, much to the chagrin of Louise, the Williams' housekeeper.

3.29 - Danny Goes on USO Tour
First aired: April 10, 1956 Synopsis: Danny is going to perform for the USO Tour and Harry Ruby offers his services as Danny's accompanist.

3.30 - Danny's Birthday
First aired: Apr/17/1956 Synopsis: It's time for Danny's birthday again and he announces he wants no presents this year, and his family will keep their promise, much to Danny's surprise.

4.01 - Boarding School
First aired: Oct. 1, 1956 Synopsis: Danny Williams has lost his wife and believes he can not give his children the attention they require each day. Despite protests from both his agent and accompanist, Danny decides he must send his kids away to a boarding school.

4.02 - The Nelson Eddy Show
First aired: Oct. 8, 1956 Synopsis: Because of a broken ankle, Danny must give up his night club dates. He is given many offers from many performers but decides to let crooner Nelson Eddy take over his gig.

4.03 - Problem Father
First aired: Oct. 15, 1956 Synopsis: Terry has a new boyfriend, the son of a banker, and she is afraid of being embarrassed by Danny and his aloof attitude.

4.04 - Be a Pal to Your Son
First aired: Oct. 22, 1956 Guest stars: Philip Ober (Hall), Rudy Lee (Stevie) Synopsis: Rusty feels Danny is going overboard with his fathering practices lately and needs to loosen up.

4.05 - Den Mother
First aired: Oct/29/1956 Guest stars: Evelyn Scott (Mrs. Brown), Shirley Mitchell (Mrs. Shaffer), Rita Lynn (Mrs. Albright), Madge Meredith (Mrs. Jackson) Synopsis: Danny feels the need of filling the role of both mother and father when Rusty feels left out during his Cub Scouts meeting since he doesn't have a mother anymore.

4.06 - Terry at the Crossroads
First aired: Nov. 5, 1956 When Terry falls for a guy who doesn't feel the same towards her, she seeks advice from Danny. He suggests that she ease up with the sports and act more like a lady.

4.07 - Danny Goes to Texas
First aired: Nov.12, 1956 Synopsis: Danny feels proud when he is signed for a show in Texas, but becomes sullen when he learns that the show will be for an audience of one.

4.08 - The Diary
First aired: Nov. 19, 1956 Synopsis: Danny is lost at what to do after taking a peek at Terry's diary. Should he tell her or just keep it a secret?

4.09 - Talented Kid
First aired: Nov. 26, 1956 Synopsis: Danny is thrilled when he gets the chance of having Rusty sing with him on TV, but learns that he has not inherited Danny's singing gene's.

4.10 - Danny's Comeback
First aired: Dec. 3, 1956 Synopsis: Danny has now healed from his accident and is ready to take the stage once again.

4.11 - My Fair Vocal Coach
First aired: Dec. 10, 1956 Synopsis: Danny and Rusty are both taken by their beautiful vocal coach, and Danny wants to have her meet with a trio of famous impresarios for an audition. But she refuses, and the boys go all out to change her mind.

4.12 - Pride Takes a Holiday
First aired: Dec. 17, 1956 Synopsis: The Cub Scouts are having a show and Rusty wants Danny to be the master of ceremonies. But when he has a different idea than the scouts on how it should be done, he may lose his chance.

4.13 - Christmas and Clowns
First aired: Dec. 24, 1956 Synopsis: This is the first Christmas without Margaret, and the kids are missing their mom. So, Danny brings home a troupe of out of a job circus workers, for a holiday meal.

4.14 - Liz's Boyfriend
First aired: Dec. 31, 1956 Guest stars: Richard Deacon (John Savich), Mary Wickes (Liz) Synopsis: Danny finds out that Liz's new boyfriend is really using her just to sell Danny some of his comedy material.

4.15 - The School Teacher
First aired: Jan. 7, 1957 Guest star: Monica Lewis (Lorraine Andrews) Synopsis: Danny insults Rusty's fourth grade teacher when he tells her he doesn't like the methods she uses. In turn, the teacher claims that his job is simple, and is invited to join him onstage to prove it.

4.16 - Danny's Date
First aired: Jan. 14, 1957 Guest star: Barbara Billingsley (Danny's Date) Synopsis: Terry and Rusty do not approve of Danny's plan of touring all the night spots, fearing that he will find a new step-mother from one of those joints.

4.17 - Girl from Iowa
First aired: Jan. 21, 1957

4.18 - Danny Goes Social
First aired: Jan. 28, 1957 4.19 - Lobster Story First aired: Feb. 4, 1957 Synopsis: Danny is incensed when he discovers that a down and out comedian is stealing his comedy routines.

4.20 - The Flashback Show
First aired: Feb. 14, 1957 Synopsis: Danny comes home to discover that no one has remembered that today was his birthday, and sits the kids down to reminisce about when the kids were younger.

4.21 - Danny's Fiance
First aired: Feb. 21, 1957 Writer: Laurence Marks Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Ann Lee (June Richards), Amanda Randolph (Louise) Synopsis: A woman in which Danny met in Chicago has accepted his invitation to come for a visit. But Terry feels she has an ulterior motive.

4.22 - My Friend Harry
First aired: Feb. 28, 1957 Guest star: Harry Ruby (Himself) Synopsis: Danny would like to get the role of playing his friend, Harry Ruby, in a movie about his life. But first he'll have to convince Harry that he is the right man for the role.

4.23 - Uncle Tonoose Pays a Visit
First aired: March 7, 1957 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Danny's Uncle Tonoose is coming to town and bringing along a young lady for Danny to meet, and hopefully marry.

4.24 - The Model
First aired: March 14, 1957 Synopsis: Terry is charmed by the thought of quitting school to attend modeling school instead. But Danny is not happy with this decision and wants to convince her that it would be a mistake without letting her know what he's doing.

4.25 - The Orphan Asylum
First aired: March 21, 1957 Synopsis: Rusty runs away from home and applies to join an orphanage after Danny misses a school function in which he had promised to perform in.

4.26 - Little League Umpire
First aired: March 28, 1957 Synopsis: Danny volunteers to become a little league umpire after Rusty's team loses its 16th straight game of the season.

4.27 - Danny Meets Kathy
First aired: April 4, 1957 Guest Star: Marjorie Lord (Kathy) Synopsis: Rusty is stricken down with the measles and Danny is unable to visit him in the hospital unless he can prove to Kathy, a nurse, that Danny has already had the disease.

4.28 - Men Are Men
First aired: April 11, 1957 Guest stars: Marjorie Lord (Kathy), Ahna Capri (Ruthie) Synopsis: Danny and Rusty find themselves at odds with their girlfriends when Kathy gives Rusty's girlfriend advice, which Danny does not agree with.

4.29 - Little Miss Moppet
First aired: April 18, 1957 Guest Star: Marjorie Lord (Kathy) Synopsis: Kathy's daughter Patty feels that Danny is trying to steal away her mother's feelings towards her and makes plans in breaking up their romance.

4.30 - Danny's Proposal
First aired: April 25, 1957 Writer: Bill Manhoff Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Terry and Rusty lend support for Danny when he decides it's time to propose marriage to Kathy.

5.01 - Lose Me in Las Vegas
First aired: Oct. 7, 1957 Guest star: Peter Lind Hayes (Himself), Mary Healy (Herself), Herb Vigran (Harry), Jack Benny (Himself) Synopsis: The children join Kathy and Danny as they honeymoon in Las Vegas.

5.02 - Terry vs. Kathy
First aired: Oct. 14, 1957 Guest star: Morey Amsterdam (Mr. Simmons) Synopsis: Now that Kathy has joined the family, Terry feels like she is being pushed aside since she no longer cooks and cleans for her father.

5.03 - Kathy Is Approved
First aired: Oct. 21, 1957 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose, the family patriarch, is on his way to meet Danny's new bride, which has him worried.

5.04 - The Dinah Shore Show
First aired: Oct. 28, 1957 Synopsis: Guest star: John Holland (Floor Manager), Eilene Janssen (Peggy), Dinah Shore (Herself) Synopsis: Terry has been named chairman of the Heart Fund dance and must choose who she wants as a singer, Kathy or Dinah Shore? Dinah is a proven star, but Kathy feels she can do a great job because she used to sing while in school.

5.05 - Parents are Pigeons
First aired: Nov. 04, 1957 Synopsis: Rusty teaches his new little sister how to soft soap the parents.

5.06 - Two Sleepy People
First aired: Nov. 11, 1957 Writers: Irving Elinson, Bob O'Brien Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny and Kathy want to prove that they are still young and spry by going out for a night of dancing, followed by a round of golf in the morning and then tennis.

5.07 - Danny Meets His Father-In-Law
First aired: Nov. 18, 1957 Guest star: William Demarest (Mr. Daly) Synopsis: Danny gets his first chance at meeting up with his new father-in-law. After discovering what his passion is, fishing, Danny attempts to learn all he can about the sport.

5.08 - Honesty Is the Best Policy
First aired: Nov/25/1957 Synopsis: Rusty has been taught to be honest, but when the owner of a lost wallet simply repays him with a "Thank You," Danny believes he must restore his son's faith in human nature.

5.09 - Terry, the Breadwinner
First aired: Dec. 2, 1957 Writers: Irving Elinson, Bob O'Brien Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Terry wants to be hired at a local dress shop, but resents Danny's interference in the process.

5.10 - The Non Orgs
First aired: Dec. 9, 1957 Guest stars: Richard Beymer (Freddie Baxter), Eilene Janssen (Peggy Conroy), Amanda Randolph (Louise) Synopsis: Terry asks Danny to play the part of a distinguished gentleman in a benefit for her sorority sisters. But when Danny becomes upset by the sisters, Terry may lose her best friend.

5.11 - The Soap Box Derby
First aired: Dec. 16, 1957 Synopsis: Both Danny and his father-in-law want to help Rusty with his soapbox derby racer.

5.12 - Man's Best Friend
First aired: Dec. 23, 1957 Synopsis: Bob Carter, who does an act with his dog, is retiring, and gives his dog, Willie, to Rusty to take care of. Rusty, however, sees that Bob and Willie miss each other, so he schemes to get Bob to take Willie back.

5.13 - The Chess Game
First aired: Dec. 30, 1957 Synopsis: Kathy's Uncle Sean, who has been carrying on a chess game by mail with Paddy McCormack in Ireland, visits the Williamses. He is on the verge of losing the game, which would solidify his feelings of inferiority to Paddy, so Danny tries to help him out by writing to Paddy to tell him that Uncle Sean has died, thus ending the game. Trouble ensues when Paddy announces his plans to attend the funeral.

5.14 - The Bob Hope Show
First aired: Jan. 6, 1958 Guest star: Bob Hope (Himself) Synopsis: Danny is scheduled to host a televised benefit show for the Heart Fund. When Liz tells him she booked Bob Hope as a guest star, Danny's afraid Bob will steal the show and threatens to quit, forgetting the lecture he had given Rusty about teamwork.

5.15 - Evil Eye Schultz
First aired: Jan. 13, 1958 Guest star: Marvin Kaplan (Oscar "Evil Eye" Schultz) Synopsis: A waiter at Lindy's restaurant named Oscar Schultz has a reputation for causing bad luck to show business personalities on their opening night after he waits on them. Danny is terrified of being served by him before his own opening night, but he and Kathy help Oscar by showing him and everyone else that he is only a victim of circumstance.

5.16 - The Honeymoon
First aired: Jan. 20, 1958 Synopsis: Oscar Schultz, a waiter at Lindy's restaurant, tells Danny he's getting married to a woman with children. When Oscar says he plans to take the children along on their honeymoon, Danny advises him against it by recounting his own family honeymoon, told in flashback.

5.17 - The Raffle Tickets
First aired: Jan. 27, 1958 Synopsis: Rusty wins a contest selling the most raffle tickets from Kathy's ladies' club, but only after a big sales pitch from Danny at the nightclub, thus making Rusty's win appear tainted.

5.18 - Rusty, the Bully
First aired: Feb. 3, 1958 Synopsis: Danny invites former boxing champion Max Baer to give Rusty lessons on fighting after he comes home with a black eye.

5.19 - St. Vincent's Frolics
First aired: Feb. 10, 1958 Synopsis: Danny agrees to put on a show to benefit St. Vincent's Hospital, but becomes frustrated at the hospital board, and Kathy, telling him how to run the show.

5.20 - Pardon My Accent
First aired: Feb. 17, 1958 Synopsis: Rusty's friend has won the elocution award at school, but his father doesn't want to attend the award ceremony.

5.21 - Terry's Crush
First aired: Feb. 24, 1958 Guest Stars: Tommy Ivo (Donald Cooper), Dean Martin (Himself) Synopsis: Terry has a crush on Dean Martin, so Danny invites Dean over hoping Dean can bring her out of it.

5.22 - Uncle Tonoose Meets Mr. Daly
First aired: March 3, 1958 Guest stars: William Demarest (Mr. Daly), Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Danny's Uncle Tonoose and Kathy's father, Mr. Daly, meet for the first time at the Williams household and are immediately at odds. Danny and Kathy plot ways to make the two get along.

5.23 - Danny Roars Again
First aired: March 10, 1958 Guest Star: Steven Geroy (Doctor Verhagen) Synopsis: Kathy fears Danny doesn't love her anymore because he no longer yells at her. She wants the lovable loudmouth she married back.

5.24 - The Country Girl
First aired: March 17, 1958 Synopsis: Danny discovers a country girl with a fantastic singing voice.

5.25 - Good Old Days
First aired: March 24, 1958 Guest Stars: Richard Deacon (Principal Conroy), Eilene Janssen (Peggy Conroy) Aileen Miller (Unknown) Synopsis: Danny at first opposes Terry and Peggy putting on a rock and roll show for their school dance, but does an abrupt about-face when he hears that the school principal, Peggy's father, won't allow it. Danny then advises they rehearse a show featuring dances from Principal Conroy's youth to convince him to rethink his position.

5.26 - Terry's Coach
First aired: March 31, 1958 Synopsis: Terry needs help when her school has decided to do a Shakespearean play.

5.27 - Make Room for Father-In-Law
First aired: April 7, 1958 Guest star: William Demarest (Mr. Daly) Synopsis: Danny hire's Kathy's father as business manager of the household when he becomes unemployed for a period.

5.28 - Family Ties
First aired: April 21, 1958 Guest Stars: Benny Baker (Poker Player), Artie Lewis (Poker Player), Billy Snyder (Poker Player) Synopsis: Believing that families should do all things together, Danny punishes Rusty for not letting Linda go play with him. To teach Danny a lesson, Kathy insists that she and Danny do all things together, including playing poker.

5.29 - Danny the Performer
First aired: April 28, 1958 Synopsis: Danny takes Rusty's friends to watch him perform his nightclub act.

5.30 - Terry's Girlfriend
First aired: May 5, 1958 Synopsis: Terry's girlfriend stays at the Williams' home for the weekend.

5.31 - You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy
First aired: May 12, 1958 Guest Star: Georgine Darcy (Dawn DuBois) Synopsis: When Danny hires a beautiful girl to dance in his act, he is disturbed by Kathy's lack of jealousy. On advice from Liz, Kathy pretends to be jealous to make Danny feel better.

5.32 - Too Good For Words
First Aired: May 19, 1958 Synopsis: Danny's ego is deflated by the comments from a female columnist.

5.33 - Rusty, the Man
First aired: May 26, 1958 Synopsis: Danny is not too happy when Rusty announces he wants to get a job.

6.01 - The Bob Hope Show
First aired: Oct. 6, 1958 Synopsis:

6.02 - Rusty, the Ward-Heeler
First aired: Oct. 13, 1958 Synopsis: Rusty is running for class president and wants Danny to help out with a campaign contribution.

6.03 - First Anniversary
First aired: Oct. 20, 1958 Synopsis: It's Danny and Kathy's wedding anniversary, but they are arguing over who proposed to who first. “This episode shows how laughter can help heal all family problems. That’s what our show did all the time – made people laugh at our silly arguments.”… Marjorie

6.04 - Terry Goes Steady
First aired: Oct. 27, 1958 Synopsis: Danny becomes a worried father when Terry announces she has a steady boyfriend.

6.05 - Take a Message
First aired: Nov. 3, 1958 Synopsis: Danny becomes upset when Kathy forgets to give him a number of important messages.

6.06 - A Locket for Linda
First aired: Nov. 10, 1958 Synopsis: Excitement and sentiment comes to the Williams' home over an ordinary locket.

6.07 - Jack Benny Takes Danny's Job
First aired: Nov. 17, 1958 Synopsis: Danny is jealous because Rusty's Boy Scout troop asks Jack Benny to entertain at its annual benefit, even though Danny had done the honors the last three years.

6.08 - Uncle Tonoose's Fling
First aired: Nov. 24, 1958 Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose has decided the playboy life is for him.

6.09 - Linda's Tonsils
First aired: Dec. 1, 1958 Synopsis: Linda is afraid when the doctor announces she needs her tonsils removed.

6.10 - Dinah Shore and Danny are Rivals
First aired: Dec. 8, 1958 Guest star: Dinah Shore (Herself) Synopsis: A rivalry begins between Danny and Dinah Shore.

6.11 - The Reunion
First aired: Dec. 15, 1958 Synopsis: After meeting up with a few successful former school mates, Danny dreams that he is a surgeon, a scientist and a diplomat.

6.12 - Kathy's Career
First aired: Dec. 22, 1958 Synopsis: The Williams home is tossed in turmoil when Kathy decides she wants a job in the fashion field.

6.13 - The Saints Come Marching In
First aired: Dec. 29, 1958 Synopsis: Danny gets a close look at juvenile problems after finding out that Rusty is in a gang.

6.14 - Lucille Ball Upsets the Williams' Household
First aired: Jan. 5, 1959 Writers: Arthur Stander, Sid Dorfman Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo), Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo) Synopsis: That ditzy red head, Lucy Ricardo, comes to the Williams home and turns it upside down.

6.15 - Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help
First aired: Jan. 12, 1959 Guest star: Tony Bennett (Cousin Stephen) Synopsis: Danny acts as an arbitrator when his cousin Stephen, from Toledo, runs away from his father and his dry goods business.

6.16 - Tennessee Ernie Stays for Dinner
First aired: Jan. 19, 1959 Guest star: Tennessee Ernie Ford (Himself) Synopsis: A transient entertainer, Kentucky Cal, befriends Rusty and Linda, much to the dismay of their parents.

6.17 - Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors
First aired: Jan. 26, 1959 Guest star: Bob Hope (Himself) Synopsis: Danny and Bob Hope become involved and embroiled when they are named directors for a lavish production of Alice in Wonderland.

6.18 - Red Tape
First aired: Feb. 2, 1959 Synopsis: Danny is angered when someone alleges that "show biz" people are not representative Americans.

6.19 - Gina from Italy
First aired: Feb. 9, 1959 Guest star: Annette Funicello (Gina Manelli) Synopsis: Gina, an Italian exchange student, comes to stay with the Williams family.

6.20 - Shirley Jones Makes Good
First aired: Feb. 16, 1959 Guest star: Shirley Jones (Herself) Synopsis: Lauritz Melchior and Shirley Jones appear on the show as a father and daughter musical act.

6.21 - Gina's First Date
First aired: Feb. 23, 1959 Guest star: Annette Funicello (Gina Manelli) Synopsis: Danny finds himself in hot water after explaining to Gina the customs of an American teenager.

6.22 - Growing Pains
First aired: March 2, 1959 Writers: Arthur Phillips, George Beck Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Barbara Beaird (Sylvia) Synopsis: Rusty seeks advice from his parents about a cute little classmate he has a crush on.

6.23 - Frankie Laine Sings for Gina
First aired: March 9, 1959 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Frankie Laine (Himself) Synopsis: Gina asks singer Frankie Laine to sing at the school dance, until Danny plots to stop him as does a case of the measles.

6.24 - Kathy Loves Danny
First aired: March 16, 1959 Synopsis: When Danny and Kathy have a disagreement over who is boss of their house, Kathy leaves him behind.

6.25 - Latin Lover
First aired: March 23, 1959 Synopsis: A friend of Gina's arrives from Italy for a visit and asks her to use her influence over Danny for personal gain.

6.26 - Losers Weepers
First aired: March 30, 1959 Synopsis: Temper's flare when Danny's agent and Kathy misplace the new script for Danny's nightclub routine.

6.27 - Grandpa's Diet
First aired: April 6, 1959 Synopsis: Grandpa comes for a visit to the Williams home and is constantly trying to break his strict diet by sneaking morsels of food.

6.28 - Double Dinner
First aired: April 13, 1959 Synopsis: Danny is named a candidate for Abbott of the Friars Club. But first he must win the approval from rivals groups inside the organization.

6.29 - Danny's Big Fan
First aired: April 27, 1959 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Ben Lessy (Ben), Salvatore Baccaloni (Himself) Synopsis: A rich fan of Danny looks to win his friendship with his money.

6.30 - The Surprise Party
First aired: May 4, 1959 Synopsis: Danny becomes dejected when he discovers his family has forgotten his birthday.

6.31 - Gina for President
First aired: May 11, 1959 Synopsis: Gina faces a challenge against her boyfriend for class president, as Danny and Kathy become campaign managers for each of the candidates.

6.32 - The Practical Joke
First aired: May 18, 1959 Synopsis: Danny seems to find himself the butt of practical jokers from all directions.

6.33 - Linda's Giant
First aired: May 25, 1959 Synopsis: Linda tells a story to Kathy and Danny about her newest friend, who happens to be a nine-foot giant.

7.01 - Terry Comes Home
First aired: Oct. 5, 1959 Synopsis: Danny's eldest child, Terry, comes home for a visit from school more mature, chic and educated.

7.02 - Rusty's Day in Court
First aired: Oct. 12, 1959 Synopsis: Danny tries to convince a jurist that they are not guilty of the traffic case against them.

7.03 - The Chinese Doll
First aired: Oct. 19, 1959 Synopsis: Mr. Chou finds his reserve strained when his daughter meets the Williams family.

7.04 - Cupid's Little Helper
First aired: Oct. 26, 1959 Synopsis: Terry feels Danny and Kathy have fallen into a boring rut, and attempts to give them self improvement lessons, but finds out they have their own ideas on the subject.

7.05 - Terry Meets Him
First aired: Nov. 2, 1959 Synopsis: Terry falls hard for a handsome golf pro named Pat Harris.

7.06 - Jealousy
First aired: Nov. 9, 1959 Synopsis: When Kathy becomes jealous, Danny finds himself donning a number of disguises to curb his wife's feelings.

7.07 - Terry Goes Bohemian First aired: Nov. 16, 1959 Synopsis: Terry gives a try to the beatnik lifestyle, but discovers life is more than just poetry and bongo drums.

7.08 - Rusty, the Weightlifter
First aired: Nov 23, 1959 Synopsis: Danny uses weightlifting as a ploy to get Rusty over his fear of a bully.

7.09 - Tonoose, the Matchmaker
First aired: Nov. 30, 1959 Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose makes an unexpected visit to New York and becomes a matchmaker for Terry.

7.10 - Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz
First aired: Dec. 7, 1959 Synopsis: Milton Berle has convinced Danny that it is time for them to quit show business.

7.11 - Danny and the Little Men
First aired: Dec. 14, 1959 Danny and his soon-to-be son-in-law believe they are being invaded by "Little People" when they spot a family of dwarfs inside their apartment building.

7.12 - A Dog's Life
First aired: Dec. 21, 1959 Synopsis: Danny has no heart when a soulful St. Bernard chooses the Williams apartment to have its puppies in.

7.13 - Kathy Crashes TV
First aired: Dec. 28, 1959 Synopsis: Kathy finds out that the world of TV is not all the glamour and excitement that she had expected when she made a splash into the medium.

7.14 - Nightclub Owners
First aired: Jan.4, 1960 Synopsis: Nightclub owner Charlie Halper brings in Danny and as his partners.

7.15 - That Ol' Devil Jack Benny
First aired: Jan. 11, 1960 Synopsis: Jack Benny appears as a man who has sold his soul to the devil.

7.16 - How to Be Head of the House
First aired: Jan. 18, 1960 Synopsis: Danny gives Pat lessons in how to be head of his household and handle his wife.

7.17 - Danny, the Housewife
First aired: Jan. 25, 1960 Synopsis: When Kathy is summoned for jury duty, Danny becomes in charge of all the household duties.

7.18 - Apple Polishers
First aired: Feb. 1,1960 Synopsis: Danny's agent refuses to sign him on for a TV spectacular, so Danny goes over his head and meets with the sponsors himself, losing his agent in the deal.

7.19 - Tonoose Makes Wedding Plans
First aired: Feb. 8, 1960 Synopsis: Danny becomes upset when he discovers Uncle Tonoose has made Terry's wedding plans for a traditional Lebanese wedding.

7.20 - Danny Meets Andy Griffith
First aired: Feb. 15, 1960 Writer: Arthur Stander Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Andy Griffith (Sheriff Andy Taylor), Frances Bavier (Henrietta), Ron Howard (Opie Taylor), Frank Cady (Town Drunk) Synopsis: Danny is stopped by a small town sheriff named Andy Taylor.

7.21 - Battle of the In-Laws
First aired: Feb. 22, 1960 Synopsis: The Williams' and the Hannigan's are at war over the importance of their relatives as wedding guests.

7.22 - Eulogy for Tonoos
First aired: Feb. 29, 1960 Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose is afraid that the other members of the Lebanese community will receive a better eulogy than he will.

7.23 - Linda Wants to Be a Boy
First aired: March 7, 1960 Synopsis: Linda decides she'd rather be a boy, since they have more fun.

7.24 - Bachelor Party
First aired: March 14, 1960 Synopsis: Pat gets cold feet about his wedding while at his bachelor party.

7.25 - Danny, the Handyman
First aired: March 21, 1960 Synopsis: Danny promises that he will build a dog house which will be envious to all dogs around, for Rusty's Boy Scout project.

7.26 - The Wedding
First aired: March 28, 1960 Writer: Arthur Stander Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny, feeling he's being left out of the preparations for Terry and Pat's wedding, finds solace telling his troubles to the bartender. Later, after getting back into the mix of things, he silently reminisces about Terry's youth as he prepares to give his daughter away.

7.27 - Three on a Honeymoon
First aired: April 4, 1960 Writers: Iz Elinson, Fred S. Fox Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Star: Leon Tyler (Bellhop) Synopsis: Still reluctant to let his "little girl" go, Danny barges in on Terry and Pat's honeymoon, supposedly to offer Pat an engagement at the Copa.

7.28 - The Deerfield Story
First aired: April 11, 1960 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Jim Backus (Jim Fletcher), Fritz Feld (Walter, the Tailor) Synopsis: Jim Fletcher, Danny's boyhood friend from his native Deerfield, Michigan, pays Danny a visit. Protective of Danny when they were boys, Jim laments that Danny no longer needs him, so Danny, Kathy and Charley scheme to make him feel needed again.

7.29 - The Singing Delinquent
First aired: April 18, 1960 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Bobby Rydell (Bobby Phillips), James Seay (Al Baxter), Melinda Plowman (Teen Singer), Susan Crane (Teen Singer), Bob Banas (Teen Singer) Synopsis: Danny auditions a group of teenage singers for an upcoming TV special. One of the teens is a boy, played by 50s teen idol Bobby Rydell, with a chip on his shoulder. Danny sees himself in the kid, so he tries to give him a break.

7.30 - Rusty and the Tomboy
First aired: April 25, 1960 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Barbara Beaird (Unknown), Sherry Alberoni (Unknown) Synopsis: There's a big dance in the offing but Barbara, a tomboyish young lady who plays on Rusty's baseball team, hasn't been asked to go. Danny and Kathy convince Rusty to ask her and she blossoms into a pretty young lady.

7.31 - Family Portrait
First aired: May 9, 1960 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Star: Gale Gordon (Godfrey Gaylord) Synopsis: The artist the Williamses hire to paint their family portrait is an insufferable snob who insists on living with them while he waits for inspiration, during which he makes unreasonable demands of them and treats them like they're his servants. Just when they decide enough is enough, they discover that there's a method to his madness.

7.32 - Little Lord Fauntleroy
First aired: May 16, 1960 Writer: Norman Paul Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Cathy Lewis (Mrs. Crane), Lee Aaker (Charles Crane) Synopsis: A female reporter has a son at a military academy who was supposed to spend his birthday with her at home, but after she is called away for an important interview Danny and Kathy agree to put him up at their home, thinking he'll be a positive influence on Rusty. He puts on a pretense of being a well-mannered boy, but is really a mischievous kid who is angry because his mother leaves him at the academy while she is busy chasing interviews. Danny lectures her about being there for her son.

7.33 - Rusty's Advice to Linda
First aired: May 23, 1960 Writers: Sheldon Leonard (as S. L. Bershad), A. J. Jacobs, Arthur Stander Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Martin), ‘Tiger’ Fafara (Boy) Synopsis: When Linda loses her skates, Danny and Kathy refuse to buy her another pair, causing her to think they don't love her. She tells Rusty of her plans to run away, but Rusty, recounting his wn experience running away, told in flashback, has some advice for her that is sure to win her a new pair of skates.

8.01 - Kathy Delivers the Mail
First aired: Oct. 3, 1960 Writers: Ray Singer, Dick Chevillat Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Parley Baer (Postal Inspector), Shirley Mitchell (Mrs. Bennett), Joe Besser (Mr. Thompson, the Mailman), Art Lewis (Superintendent) Synopsis: In an effort to help the overworked mailman, Linda takes some of his mail and brings it home with the intention of delivering it. Danny, unaware of Linda's actions, suspects there is a mail thief loose in the building and calls the Postal Inspector, but when he and Charley spot Kathy delivering the mail that Linda took, they jump to the conclusion that Kathy is a kleptomaniac, and hilarity ensues.

8.02 - The Report Card
First aired: Oct. 10, 1960 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Eleanor Audley (Mrs. Willoughby), Richard Correll (Richard Williams) Synopsis: Danny can't stop bragging to his friends about Rusty being a genius for getting straight A's. This makes it all the harder for Rusty to tell him that the teacher confused Rusty's report card with that of another boy whose last name is Williams.

8.03 - Danny and the Actor's School
First aired: Oct. 17, 1960 Synopsis: Danny joins an acting class in hopes of leaving comedy for drama on stage.

8.04 - Kathy and the Glamour Girl
First aired: Oct. 31, 1960 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest stars: Amanda Randolph (Louise), Sid Melton (Uncle Charley Halper), Zsa Zsa Gabor (Lisa Laslow) Synopsis: Kathy is insanely jealous of movie star Lisa Laslow, who is doing a show with Danny, and feels inadequate about being a housewife. After talking with Miss Laslow, Kathy realizes how lucky she is.

8.05 - Danny Proposes to His Wife
First aired: Nov. 7, 1960 Writers: Iz Elinson, Fred S. Fox Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: A test in a magazine article gives Kathy the idea that Danny takes her for granted, complicated by the fact that it was Kathy who proposed to him. As a remedy, she suggests they begin their courtship anew, and this time, Danny has to be the one to propose.

8.06 - Kathy, the Matchmaker
First aired: Nov. 14, 1960 Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Betsy Jones-Moreland (Doris Henshaw), Harold Fong (Houseboy), Gil Rogers (Stevie) Synopsis: Kathy tries to fix Phil up with her friend Doris. To get out of it, he convinces Kathy that he's a cad, but one look at Doris and he regrets it.

8.07 - Tonoose, the Liar
First aired: Nov. 21, 1960 Writer: Frank Tarloff Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Art Aragon (Kid Moore), Bob Hope (Himself) Synopsis: Danny and Kathy are concerned about the tall tales that Uncle Tonoose has been telling Rusty and Linda and their friend Richie. Their concern turns to near-panic when Tonoose claims to be a friend of middleweight boxing champ Kid Moore, who just happens to be on his way over to rehearse for a show with Danny.

8.08 - Linda, the Performer
First aired: Nov. 28, 1960 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Amzie Strickland (Mother), Judy Birr (Julie, Girl Singer), Nino Nobles (Nino, Boy Singer) Synopsis: Danny tries to push Linda into a showbiz career after she brings down the house at the Copa. Linda, however, would rather be a cheerleader. Danny gets second thoughts after dealing with a pushy stage-mother.

8.09 - Danny and the Dentist
First aired: Dec. 5, 1960 Writers: Ray Singer, Dick Chevillat Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Richard Deacon (Dr. Pattman), Dorothy Hamer (Receptionist), Kim Hector (Boy Patient) Synopsis: Danny has a toothache and has to go to the dentist, accompanied by Charley. After Danny gets Charley to take his place in the dentist's chair, Charley, who thinks he has perfect teeth, ends up having to have a tooth pulled, and Danny has a cavity filled.

8.10 - Fugitive Father
First aired: Dec. 12, 1960 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Buddy Hackett (Buddy Bruno), Amzie Strickland (Harriet Waller), Dayton Lummis (E. H. Sloan), Gloria Pall (Clerk), Katie Sweet (Barbara Bruno) Synopsis: Danny helps out a fellow nightclub entertainer who's always on the road, accompanied by his young daughter whom he is in danger of losing to the child welfare board unless he can provide a stable home for her.

8.11 - The Singing Sisters
First aired: Dec. 19, 1960 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Jan Clayton (Nun #1), Joe Flynn (Joe), Chick Chandler (AJ), Rose Hobart (Nun #2), William Tracy (Client), Ray Lanier (Unknown) Synopsis: A pair of nuns at an orphanage audition a song before Danny and Charley, hoping Danny can sing it on his TV Christmas show, and thereby make them enough money to pay to have their boy's choir touring bus repaired. When Danny and Charley learn the sisters were slickered by unscrupulous publishers, they scheme to get their money and contract back. The boy's choir sings on Danny's show.

8.12 - Rusty the Rat
First aired: Dec. 26, 1960 Writer: Frank Tarloff Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: When Charley starts complaining about his mischievous nephew, Danny brags about doing such a good job bringing up Rusty and Linda. Then Rusty accidentally breaks Danny's favorite golf club and gets Linda to take the rap.

8.13 - The Plant
First aired: Jan. 2, 1961 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Gale Gordon (Mr. Heckendorn), Tim Stevenson (Photographer), Johnny Silver (Delivery Man) Synopsis: The Williams' landlord, a botany enthusiast, is obsessed with a rare plant that was given to Danny as a gift. He places a set of specific, and highly restrictive, instructions on how to take care of the plant, creating havoc in the Williams household.

8.14 - Democracy at Work
First aired: Jan. 9, 1961 Writers: Benedict Freedman, John Felton Murray Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Danny conducts an experiment in democracy by letting majority rule in the Williams household, but the experiment goes awry when Rusty and Linda take over and run things their way.

8.15 - You Can Fight City Hall
First aired: Jan. 16, 1961 Synopsis: Danny decides to fight a traffic ticket in court, using an expert on nuclear timers and Rusty's eyewitness account of the time allowed on a parking meter.

8.16 - The Whoopee Show
First aired: Jan. 23, 1961 Synopsis: Danny anticipates a huge welcome from his wife upon his return home from a long road trip.

8.17 - The Rum Cake
First aired: Jan. 30, 1961 Guest Stars: Gail Gordon (Mr. Heckendorn) Synopsis: Landlord Heckendorn wants the Williams' to cut down the noise from their party inside apartment, now that it is past 11 PM. \

8.18 - Tonoose, the Boss
First aired: Feb. 6, 1961 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose is in town with his life savings, hoping to multiply it to pay for his grandnephew Habib to go to medical school. Danny suggests he invest his money in the Copa, which he does. Now Tonoose thinks he's boss, implementing his own eccentric ideas and driving everybody.

8.19 - Rusty, the Millionaire
First aired: Feb. 13, 1961 Synopsis: Danny gives Rusty $50 to teach him a lesson in finance.

8.20 - Good Old Burlesque
First aired: Feb. 20, 1961 Synopsis: Funnyman Buddy Brown subs for Danny as he takes a vacation from performing.

8.21 - Four Angels
First aired: Feb. 28, 1961 Writers: Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: The Four Little Angels (Themselves) Synopsis: Rusty decides to become an agent after talking to Phil, and finds his first big catch in four talented African-American children. Using tactics he learned from Phil, he negotiates to get them booked on The Ed Sullivan Show.

8.22 - The Scrubwoman
First aired: March 13, 1961 Writer: Frank Tarloff Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Pert Kelton (Nellie O’Brien), Harry Shannon (Jamie O’Shaughnessy Synopsis: The Williams' cleaning lady has been writing to a male friend in her native Ireland and telling him that she was a famous performer with a family that closely resembles the Williamses. When he tells her he's coming for a visit, the Williamses agree to pose as her family.

8.23 - Everything Happens to Me
First aired: March 27, 1961 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Joey Bishop (Himself) Synopsis: Joey Bishop guest stars in this pilot episode of The Joey Bishop Show. He plays an inept booking agent who forgets to book a very tired Danny into a hotel and invites him to spend the night at his home which he shares with his somewhat strange parents and sister.

8.24 - Old Man Danny
First aired: April 3, 1961 Writer: Frank Tarloff Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest star: Paul Anka (Himself), Harry Jackson (Harry) Synopsis: Danny hires an admiring young singer, played by teen idol Paul Anka, who unintentionally makes Danny feel like an old man.

8.25 - Danny and the Hoodlums
First aired: April 10, 1961 Writer: Frank Tarloff Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Buddy Lester (Skip Harris), Bert Freed (Eddie Riley), Vincent Barbi (Hoodlum) Synopsis: An old friend of Danny's from Chicago, gang boss Eddie Riley, visits Danny at the Copa. When Riley hears that another comedian has been stealing jokes from Danny, Danny has to convince Riley not to make the guy a head shorter.

8.26 - Rusty's Punishment
First aired: April 17, 1961 Writers: Harry Crane, Stan Streben Director: Sheldon Guest Stars: Harry Townes (Principal), Kenneth Tobey (Coach Farrell), Amzie Strickland (Mother), Kevin O’Neal (Marvin), Nora Jo Bruce (Cheerleader), Trudi Ziskind (Cheerleader), Walter Comer Synopsis: Danny prohibits Rusty from playing on the school basketball team as punishment for failing grades. The school officials and students, however, consider Rusty their only hope of winning the championship, and put pressure on Danny to let Rusty play.

8.27 - The Scoutmaster
First aired: April 24, 1961 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Gale Gordon (Mr. Heckendorn), Robert Carson (Mr. Will), Walter Comer (Boy Scout), Terry Stevenson (Boy Scout), Howard Carr (Boy Scout) Synopsis: The scoutmaster of Rusty's Boy Scout troop is moving away, and the troop wants Danny to be the new scoutmaster. However, seeing that landlord Mr. Heckendorn covets the job and is well-qualified for it, Danny schemes to help him become the new scoutmaster.

8.28 - The Magician
First aired: May 1, 1961 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Herb Vigran (Arnold Frazier) Synopsis: Rusty and Linda are to put on a magic show to raise money for a children's hospital library. The same night, Danny is to speak before the Lebanese United Nations delegation. Unbeknownst to him, his suit has been touched up as a trick suit for Rusty and Linda's act, resulting in Danny doing an unplanned comic act before the delegation.

8.29 - The Woman Behind the Man
First aired: May 8, 1961 Guest Stars: Hollis Irving (Woman #1), Amzie Strickland (Woman #2), Paul Duboy (Mr. Thompson) Synopsis: Kathy wants to be more involved in helping Danny solve his problems, so she convinces Danny to demand that Charley have Danny's dressing room repainted, causing a rift between Danny and Charley.

8.30 - Teenage Thrush
First aired: May 15, 1961 Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Brenda Lee (Janine Poloka), Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Poloka) Synopsis: Danny and Charley want to sign a talented teenage girl, played by teen singing star Brenda Lee, to a contract at the Copa. However, because of her age, they need the signature of her mother, who happens to be filling in as the Williams' housekeeper while Louise is away, and she would rather her daughter finish college first. Danny comes up with a solution that will make both mother and daughter happy.

8.31 - Party Wrecker
First aired: May 22, 1961 Writers: Harry Crane, Stan Dreben Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Gale Gordon (Mr. Heckendorn), Jess Kirkpatrick (Party Goer), Johnny Silver (Party Goer), Trent Dolan (Party Goer), Harry Ruby (Party Goer) Synopsis: It's Danny's birthday, and he's upset because Mr. Heckendorn is throwing a party, and everyone and his brother is invited - everyone except Danny, that is. He then learns the reason why: it's a surprise party - for Danny. There goes the surprise!

9.01 - For Every Man There's a Woman
First aired: Oct. 2, 1961 Synopsis: Danny helps write a love letter for Jose, the elevator operator in Danny's building, who fears his accent will cause him his chance at dating the woman of his dreams.

9.02 - Linda Runs Away
First aired: Oct. 9, 1961

9.03 - Love Letters
First aired: Oct. 16, 1961 Synopsis: Danny threatens to burn his old love letters after Kathy read some of the juiciest parts. Kathy hides them just to be sure, inside a table drawer. But when Linda finds them, she plays postman and delivers them throughout the apartment building.

9.04 - The Trumpet Player
First aired: Oct. 23, 1961 Synopsis: Danny is impressed by how accomplished Rusty has become on the drums and takes him down for an audition at the YMCA, but instructor Larry Norman isn't as impressed by his licks.

9.05 - Tonoose vs. Daly
First aired: Oct. 30, 1961 Synopsis: Kathy's father and Uncle Tonoose both arrive for a visit at the same time.

9.06 - Hen Pecked Charley
First aired: Nov. 13, 1961

9.07 - Danny Weaves a Web
First aired: Nov. 20, 1961 Synopsis: When Danny puts a dent in the family car, he decides to not inform Kathy about his accident and just get it fixed.

9.08 - Danny and Durante
First aired: Nov. 27, 1961 Synopsis: Jimmy Durante's niece Carla, is graduating from college and he has been invited to their banquet as the guest of honor. But he is afraid he'll be out of place among the intellectual types.

9.09 - Danny and the Brownies
First aired: Dec. 4, 1961

9.10 - Tonoose's Plot
First aired: Dec. 11, 1961

9.11 - Keeping Up With the Joneses
First aired: Dec. 18, 1961

9.12 - Teacher for a Day
First aired: Dec. 25, 1961 Synopsis: Rusty's teacher makes an offer to Danny to take over her class, after he remarks how easy her job looks.

9.13 - Useless Charley
First aired: Jan. 1, 1962

9.14 - A Baby for Charley
First aired: Jan. 8, 1962 Synopsis: Although Bunny and Danny have both told Charley he is going to be a father, he still can't believe it.

9.15 - Linda, the Tomboy
First aired: Jan. 15, 1962 Synopsis: Danny doesn't approve of Linda playing sandlot football and coming home with a black eye, believing ladies should act like ladies.

9.16 - The Big Fight
First aired: Jan. 22, 1962 Synopsis: Danny and Charley both believe that they are the most indispensable person at the Copa Club. Bunny and Kathy intervene when it looks as if the two men would split up their partnership.

9.17 - Cassanova Tonoose
First aired: Jan. 29, 1962 Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose has an important announcement, he's decided to take a bride and even has a date set ... now he just needs to find a bride.

9.18 - Charley Does It Himself
First aired: Feb. 5, 1962 Synopsis: Charley gets a helping hand from Danny in making a room into a nursery, now that his wife is pregnant.

9.19 - The P.T.A. Bash
First aired: Feb. 12, 1962 Synopsis: While rehearsing some material for the Ed Sullivan Show, Kathy and the kids interrupt so that he can listen to their audition for the P.T.A. bash.

9.20 - A Nose By Any Other Name
First aired: Feb. 19, 1962 Synopsis: Danny feel Kathy is embarrassed by his nose when he starts taking shots at his highlighted physical feature while practicing a new routine for his nightclub act, which catches disapproval from his wife.

9.21 - Cassanova Junior
First aired: Feb. 26, 1962 Synopsis: Danny and Kathy discover that Rusty is afraid of girls and doesn't plan on going to his school dance. Danny believes he should go anyways and call his friend Gloria to accompany him.

9.22 - Temper, Temper
First aired: March 5, 1962

9.23 - Hunger Strike
First aired: March 12, 1962 Synopsis: Danny believes Rusty wants something when he compliments his singing voice.

9.24 - Bunny Cooks a Meal
First aired: March 19, 1962 Synopsis: Charley's cousin hopes to have a home cooked meal from Bunny, Charley's fiancé.

9.25 - Jose's Protege
First aired: March 26, 1962 Synopsis: When a newspaper columnist lets it be known that Danny is looking for 2 children for his upcoming TV special, Danny is afraid that every stage mom in town will be badgering him.

9.26 - Danny and Bob Hope Get Away from it All
First aired: April 2, 1962 Writers: Charles Stewart, Jack Elinson Director: Sheldon Leonard Guest Stars: Bob Hope (Himself), Stanley Adams (Restaurant Owner), Sam Hearn (Resort Proprietor), Renie Riano (Emma), Sheila Rogers (Autograph Seeker), Lenore Kingston (Autograph Seeker) Synopsis: Danny and friend Bob Hope go to a secluded backwoods resort to get away from the rat race of the entertainment world. However, they soon become bored and start to miss the autograph hounds. They enter a talent contest at the resort and finish as runners-up.

9.27 - Extrasensory Charley
First aired: April 9, 1962

9.28 - Kathy, the Pro
First aired: April 16, 1962

9. 29 - A Promise is a Promise
First aired: April 23, 1962

9.30 - The Smart Aleck
First aired: April 30, 1962

9.31 - Baby
First aired: May 7, 1962

10.01 - The Baby Hates Charley
First aired: Oct. 1, 1962 Synopsis: Charley is upset that his newborn baby will laugh when everyone else holds him, and cries when Charley picks up his own son.

10.02 - Danny's Replacement
First aired: Oct. 8, 1962 Synopsis: Danny is ecstatic to learn from his agent that he has been signed for a European tour, but is discouraged to find out that he must find his own replacement for the club first.

10.03 - What Are Friends For?
First aired: Oct. 15, 1962 Synopsis: Danny and Kathy are ready to leave for the European tour, but are dismayed when they learn that Charley and Bunny cannot take care of Rusty and Linda now that they have a child.

10.04 - British Sense of Humor
First aired: Oct. 22, 1962 Synopsis: On their arrival at London, Danny has his friend Sir Harry, check his comedy material, knowing that the British have a different style of humor.

10.05 - Jose Rents the Cops
First aired: Oct. 29, 1962 Synopsis: Elevator operator, Jose, negotiates with Charley to rent out the Copa Club. At first he believed Jose was joking, until he rents out the place at a ridiculously low amount.

10.06 - Rusty for President
First aired: Nov. 5, 1962 Synopsis: Rusty is nominated for junior class president, but feels he has no chance since a master campaigner is also running. So Charley comes up with the idea of holding a rally for Rusty at the Copa.

10.07 - A-Hunting We Will Go
First aired: Nov. 12, 1962 Synopsis: While in England, Danny meets a curious fellow named Jamie, who invites Danny to join him in a day of hunting.

10.08 - Ten Years Ago Today
First aired: Nov. 19, 1962 Synopsis: Charley remembers the opening of his Copa Club and how Danny became his star attraction.

10.09 - Jose, the Scholar
First aired: Nov. 26, 1962 Synopsis: Danny and Kathy receive news that Jose, the elevator operator is attending night school to make something of himself. But in reality, he is confused on American history.

10.10 - The Ould Sod
First aired: Dec. 3, 1962 Synopsis: While in Europe, Danny and Kathy decide to stop in Ireland and visit some of Kathy's relatives. They receive a warm reception ... until they find out that Danny is not Irish.

10.11 - Tonoose, Life of the Party
First aired: Dec. 10, 1962 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose)

10.12 - Danny's English Friend
First aired: Dec. 17, 1962 Synopsis: Danny meets a friendly but totally inept waiter named Alfie Wingate in a London pub. He informs Danny that he will be going to New York, which causes Danny to ask him to meet Charley at the Copa for a table. Alfie mistakes Danny and believes he is offering him a job.

10.13 - Bunny, the Brownie Leader
First aired: Dec. 24, 1962 Synopsis: Bunny volunteers to be leader for Linda's Brownie troop in order to keep them from disbanding. But she discovers she will be sharing the job with a prim career Brownie named, Miss Fenwick.

10.14 - Charley, the Artist
First aired: Dec. 31, 1962

10.15 - Lost French Boy
First aired: Jan. 7, 1963

10.16 - Jose the Dog Sitter
First aired: Jan. 14, 1963 Synopsis: Jose, the elevator operator is expecting to get a raise, but instead finds out that he is wanted to walk Maurice, a kleptomaniac pooch.

10.17 - Tonoose Needs Glasses
First aired: Jan. 21, 1963 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose comes to town for a physical check up, and demonstrates just how strong he still is. Meanwhile, the doctor informs him he needs glasses.

10.18 - Million Dollar Dress
First aired: Jan. 28, 1963 Synopsis: Danny is shocked when he learns the dress in which he had promised Kathy, will coat more than one thousand dollars. So he schemes to have a knock-off dress made for $100.

10.19 - Rusty's Birthday
First aired: Feb. 4, 1963 Guest star: Sammy Davis, Jr. (Himself)

10.20 - Charley the Tiger
First aired: Feb. 11, 1963

10.21 - The Roman Patriot
First aired: Feb. 18, 1963 Guest star: Massimo Serato (Francesco), Giovanni Di Benedetto (Man) Synopsis: Kathy asks Danny to take her on a tour of Rome, but he would rather rest and read he newspaper ... that is, until he meets the handsome man named Francesco, who has offered to escort her.

10.22 - Jose's Guided Tour
First aired: Feb. 25, 1963

10.23 - Bunny's Cousin
First aired: March 4, 1963

10.24 - When In Rome
First aired: March 11, 1963 Synopsis: While in Rome, Danny's agent Phil Brokaw, tells him that he and Kathy should eat only where American tourists are going to, but neglect his warning.

10.25 - That Old Feeling
First aired: March 18, 1963

10. 26 - Louise to the Rescue
First aired: March 25, 1963 Guest stars: The Clara Ward Singers (Club Woman), Joyce Jameson (Nikki Stewart) Synopsis: Louise the maid offers help from her ladies club when Nikki Stewart, a temperamental actress pulls out of her appearance at the Copa Club.

10.27 - Venetian Melody
First aired: April 1, 1963 Guest star: Nino Falanga (Customs Agent), Betty Foa (Mamma), Mimo Billi (Longo), Tony Brandt (Bellhop), Antonio Grossi (Gondolier), Piccola Pupa (Maria Bonifacio), Antonio Piretti (Pietro), Adriano Vitale (Luigi) Synopsis: While in Venice, Danny and Kathy are dogged by Maria, a little girl who acts as a talent agent for her entire family, all who seem to perform.

10.28 - Charley My Boy
First aired: April 8, 1963 Synopsis: Charley is being buttered up by singer Diana Lawrence in order to get an audition at the Copa Club, and Bunny is not happy about Charley ease of falling for a soft-soap routine .

10.29 - Linda, the Grownup
First aired: April 15, 1963 Synopsis: 10-year old Linda wants to prove to everyone that she is mature, so she offers to take on all the domestic chores for the Halper's home.

10.30 - Homecoming
First aired: April 22, 1963 Synopsis: Danny and Kathy make their return home from Europe and enjoy a family reunion. But the Halper's feel put-out when they are forced to leave the Williams' house.

10.31 - Tonoose's Brother
First aired: April 29, 1963 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose has made some outrageous plans for the Williams' family, and Danny knows that only one person who can oppose him ... his brother, Tufik, who is still in Lebanon.

10.32 - Jose's Rival
First aired: May 6, 1963 Guest star: Zeme North (Susie Harper) Synopsis: Jose Jimenez has fallen in love for a tap dancer named Susie, but fears he has lost her when her boyfriend from back home shows up.

11.01 - The Country Squires
First aired: Sept. 30, 1963

11.02 - The Perfect Crime
First aired: Oct. 7, 1963 Synopsis: The money in which Kathy has been saving for Danny's birthday present has disappeared.

11.03 - Here's The $50 Back
First aired: Oct. 14, 1963 Guest stars: Herb Vigran (Barber), Pat Buttram (Harvey Bullock) Synopsis: Harvey Bullock is a veteran nightclub performer who insists he owes Danny $50 which he had borrowed many years earlier, but Danny can't remember that happening.

11.04 - The Woman Behind the Jokes
First aired: Oct. 21, 1963 Writers: Fred S. Fox, Irving Elinson Director: Danny Thomas Guest stars: Morey Amsterdam (Buddy), Dick Whittinghill (Howard Blake), Sid Melton (Uncle Charley Halper), Pat Carroll (Bunny Halper) Synopsis: Kathy is getting a bit tired of being the butt of Danny's nightclub jokes.

11.07 - My Fair Uncle
First aired: Nov. 11, 1963 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose announces to the Williams family that he is ready to get hitched.

11.08 - Shy Alfie
First aired: Nov. 18, 1963 Guest stars: Olive Sturgess (Diana Mason), Bernard Fox (Alfie) Synopsis: Alfie is a shy waiter down at the Copa Club, and Danny has made it his business of finding him a nice girlfriend.

11.09 - Oh, The Clancys
First aired: Dec. 2, 1963 Guest stars: Larry J. Blake (Police Officer), Barbara Mullen (Aunt Molly), The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (Themselves) Synopsis: Kathy's Aunt Molly has arrived with her four strapping sons from Ireland, and has visions of her boys singing on stage at the Copa Club.

11.10 - The Hex
First aired: Dec. 9, 1963 Guest stars: Sid Melton (Uncle Charley Halper), Charles Lane (Mr. Baker), Jess Kirkpatrick (Frank) Synopsis: Danny and Charley believe that Mr. Baker, the carpenter who did the remodeling at their country place, is responsible for placing a hex on them.

11.11 - The Two Musketeers
First aired: Dec. 16, 1963 Guest star: Michael Winkelman (Dale) Synopsis: Danny believes he needs to spend more time with Rusty.

11.12 - Christmas Story
First aired: Dec. 23, 1963 Guest stars: Sid Melton (Uncle Charley Halper), Bernard Fox (Alfie), Pat Carroll (Bunny Halper), Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Danny is worried when none of his family exudes any Christmas spirit.

11.13 - Peaceful Co-Existence
First aired: Dec. 30, 1963

11.14 - The Bowling Partners
First aired: Jan. 6, 1964

11.15 - Linda's Crush
First aired: Jan. 13, 1964

11.16 - Kathy, the Secretary
First aired: Jan. 20, 1964 Guest star: Hollis Irving (Margo Lawrence) Synopsis: Danny's agent gets himself a new secretary, Kathy.

11.17 - The Quiz Show First aired: Jan. 27, 1964 Guest stars: Guy Marks (Frank), Bill Baldwin (Quizmaster), Lurene Tuttle (Frank's Mother) Synopsis: The bartender at the Copa Club wants Danny to be his celebrity partner when he goes on a quiz show.

11.18 - Howdy, Neighbors
First aired: Feb. 3, 1964 Guest star: Hope Summers (Unknown) Synopsis: Charley, Bunny and the Williams' family decide it's time they meet their new country neighbors.

11.19 - The Antique Dealers
First aired: Feb. 10, 1964 Synopsis: Kathy and Bunny buy an "antique" cuckoo clock for $100, unaware how common it really is.

11.20 - Bunny Gets Into the Act
First aired: Feb.17, 1964 Guest stars: Jackie Joseph (Mary), Pat Carroll (Bunny Halper), Jane Kean (Cactus Kate) Synopsis: Bunny feels like returning to show business and chooses her husband's club as the venue.

11.21 - Sense of Humor
First aired: Feb. 24, 1964 Guest stars: John Qualen (Swenson, the Janitor), Tiny Brauer (Schultz) Synopsis: The janitor takes offense when Danny uses him as the butt of his jokes in his act.

11.12 - Tonoose Gets a Job
First aired: March 2, 1964 Guest star: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose) Synopsis: Uncle Tonoose is in search of employment.

11.13 - The Leprechaun
First aired: March 9, 1964 Guest stars: Allan Melvin (Officer), Howard Morris (Sean) Synopsis: While Linda is playing in the park, she sees a little man which she believes is a Leprechaun.

11.14 - Pupa from Italy
First aired: March16, 1964 Guest stars: Nestor Paiva (Uncle Nivo), Tom D'Andrea (Shelly), Piccola Pupa (Herself) Synopsis: Danny brings in an Italian singer to work at the Copa Club, unaware that she has quit singing pop music and now only performs opera.

11.15 - Pupa's Pooch
First aired: March 23, 1964 Guest star: Piccola Pupa (Herself)

11.26 - Pupa Loves Rusty
First aired: March 30, 1964 Guest star: Piccola Pupa (Herself) Synopsis: Rusty tries to speak Italian to Pupa and mistakenly pr0poses marriage to her ... which she accepts.

11.27 - Beautiful Lady
First aired: April 6, 1964 Guest stars: Pearl Shear (Woman), Marilyn Maxwell (Beverly) Synopsis: When Danny was in grammar school a homely tomboy named Moose played shortstop on his baseball team. But the years have been good to her, very good.

11.28 - Call off the Hounds
First aired: April 13, 1964 Guest stars: Pat Carroll (Bunny Halper), Sid Melton (Uncle Charley Halper) Synopsis: Kathy and Bunny believe their husbands are working too hard and want them to relax more often.

11.29 - Rusty and the Chorus Girl
First aired: April 20, 1964 Guest star: Erin O'Donnell (Wendy) Synopsis: Rusty believes he is in love ... and with a chorus girl from the Copa Club.

11.30 - The Persistent Cop
First aired: April 27, 1964 Guest stars: Allan Melvin (Officer Johnson), Bob Denver (Herbie) Synopsis: Danny is asked by a policeman to audition a young singing group from the poor side of town. But one look inside the Williams apartment makes them turn around and leave.

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